“Confession,” by Eric Robert Nolan

Celebrate National Poetry Month — here is a link to my most popular poem to date, “Confession,” which was published in Dead Beats Literary Blog in October 2013.  So many readers liked this one.  Just last night I was chatting with a friend in Las Vegas who is a voice actor — he told me that he is actually making a recording of the poem, and will share his own reading of it when he’s created a recording that he’s happy with.  

I was initially surprised at the positive reader feedback for “Confession.”  The first people I’d shown it to after writing it disliked it; the first publisher to which I’d submitted it emphatically rejected it.  Its critical message and sexual imagery are not for everyone.

I remain grateful to Dead Beats for sharing it, and to their readers for letting me know that this piece indeed has a receptive audience.  (Dead Beats is such a terrific publisher for edgier or darker poetry.)  And thanks, of course, to the generous readers who occasionally drop me a note to let me know they liked the poem.


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