So the nerd news grapevine (read: Internet) is now suggesting that the “24” universe will return without Kiefer Sutherland leading the action as Jack Bauer:

I myself am okay with this, although of course I would much prefer the full return of everyone’s favorite and most torturific hero.  Sutherland was the star of “24,” but not the only star.  Another was the “24” universe itself, littered with gritty pathos and wonderfully rendered with a fast pace and tight editing.

Years ago, I opined that Carlos Bernard’s character, Tony Almeida, might have been able to carry the program if Sutherland left.  Tony always seemed like a kinder, gentler Jack … a guy you could work with who would not murder you if you screwed up.  I thought he could be more human and identifiable than Jack, in some ways.  (Certain subsequent changes to the character make this a moot suggestion.)

Then there was Kate Morgan in “Day 9,” quite capably played by Yvonne Strahovski.  Morgan had so much in common with Bauer that I honestly thought at the time that the screenwriters were grooming her to replace Jack, who I predicted would die by the end of the “Day.”  She’s even got the blond hair down.  I used to call her Chick-Jack.  (Sorry, ladies.)

It would be cool if this could still happen.  A tough rogue female agent could change things up a bit, the actress is very good, and “Day 9” would have nice continuity with whatever direction the new show takes.


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