Throwback Thursday: the Coleco Electronic Quarterback

The Internet informs me that Coleco produced its Electronic Quarterback in 1978, but I seem to remember receiving one for Christmas in the early 1980’s.

My parents had a superb track record at picking out presents that I didn’t ask for, but that were still awesome.  (See my blog posts on my “Clash of the Titans” or “Metal Man” action figures.)

This, however, was the rare white elephant Christmas gift.  A grid of flashing red lights crudely simulated a game a football, a sport in which I had zero interest.

My love of video games would be well nourished elsewhere, though, by the Atari 2600, which arrived in my household at around the same time in my childhood.





2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: the Coleco Electronic Quarterback”

  1. Wow, do I remember those. I don’t think I actually had one, but did borrow from one of my friends.

    The other thing I remember from the 80’s; I had a Casio digital watch with a game on it called UFO Intercept.
    I remember each level completed led to a faster next level. If you got all the rows lit by hitting the beam shot at you, you would get a four second bonus round. By the time I got to level 9, the adrenaline would be so thick my hands would be shaking. When that level completed, it went back to the slow level one, and I would be used to hitting the buttons so fast, I had trouble waiting for the beam to reach the lower level to get the bonus round.
    It was quite addicting at the time. My brother and I would have little competitions, which he, being older, would massacre me at. At first.

    Oh, the games we played in our youth. Modern kids would throw them in the trash, for there were no intense graphics. But we had fun with them, yes?

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