Throwback Thursday: Trapper Keepers

I’m a little confused about Wikipedia saying that Mead’s Trapper Keepers were popular from the 1970’s through the 1990’s; I remember them strictly as an early 80’s phenomenon.  (Maybe by the time I reached junior high school, the kids in my age group simply outgrew them.)

What an exercise in style over substance.  I know that these are fondly remembered; they’re a favorite item on many 80’s nostalgia sites.  Trapper Keepers and their folders (were those the “trappers?”) were flimsy.  They didn’t hold much paper — especially with those junky little plastic binder rings.  You could do a lot better with a cheap, no-frills metal binder.  (Yeah, I was a nerdy enough kid to notice these things.)  I asked my mother to buy these for me only once during grade school, and then never again.





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