Throwback Thursday: vintage 50’s-era wooden sleds

My family had three or four of these vintage sleds rattling around at the back of the garage in the 1980’s; I learned only tonight that they dated from three decades prior.  (We might have had the “Flexible Flyer” sleds from the era.)  They’re veritable antiques.

They were nobody’s favorite.  When the neighborhood kids gathered at any of its wooded hills on a snow day, it was always clear that the cheap 80’s-era red plastic sleds were much faster.  (Those metal rungs that you see below pushed right down to the bed of leaves leaves beneath the snow and got caught in them.)

And do you see that wooden crossbar that seems to suggest you could steer the thing?  That was pure bullshit.  It wouldn’t budge.  If you saw yourself headed for a tree, you simply rolled off and ditched the sled.  Or you just crashed into the tree.  And let me tell you something — that hurts even more than you might think.



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