Throwback Thursday: “Gre-Gory, Big Bad Vampire Bat” (circa 1980)!

This probably seems like it should be a Throwback Thursday post around Halloween, but “Gre-Gory the Bat” was actually a cherished Christmas present I received in the early 1980’s.  I’m not completely certain about when the toy was released; its current eBay sellers keep listing it as a 1979 toy, but nostalgia sites claim it was released by Mattel in 1980.  (Astonishingly, the eBay folks are hawking ol’ Gre-Gory for between $150 to $600.)

A few toy collectors recall this toy with derision, but … hot damn, did I love Gre-Gory when I was a young kid.  It was a good-sized toy, at eight inches tall and a foot wide, made of heavy, durable rubber, and it made me feel like I had my own pet monster in my closet.  Those circular claws were supposed to enable you to perch Gre-Gory from a pen or pencil, though it weighed too much for that.  Best of all was its built-in special effect, which, to my delight, inspired genuine revulsion in adults — by depressing a button in the back, you could manually pump its syrupy, visible “blood” through that transparent chest cavity that you see below.  (There are a few videos on Youtube that show how weird and gross this was; I found it quite entertaining as boy.)

Fun times.




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