Throwback Thursday: Twin Pops!

These are just another fun memory from the 1980’s — twin pops were damned tasty.  I still remember seeing them at the right rear of the freezer in the house where I grew up.

If you weren’t careful, you lost maybe 25 percent of a twin pop on a hot summer day.  The two sides inevitably came apart when you were eating it, then the two separate individual halves started sliding off their sticks.

There was kid in the neighborhood whose mother would quite frugally break off half of a twin pop for him on a hot day, and just call it an ice pop.  They were on a budget, I guess.

[Update — after writing this blog post, I discovered that 80’s-era twin pops have been making a comeback this summer?  Primarily because Justin Bieber, of all people, tweeted a request at an ice pop company?  And then someone started a petition?  But he and huge portion of the world keep referring to them erroneously as “double stick popsicles?”  It’s a weird world.]



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