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Throwback Thursday: Vampire Blood!!!

I’m not even sure that this should be a Throwback Thursday post, as I’m pretty sure it’s still being sold in stores before Halloween.  In the 1980’s, this was indispensable every October to aspiring Draculas everywhere.  You could also order it from the Johnson Smith & Company catalog — which was sort of a Bible to little boys who loved pranks and monsters.

We just called it “Dracula blood.”  You didn’t put it on your fingers, like the kid in the illustration — you applied it on your face to make it look like blood was running out of the corners of your mouth.  Maybe once in a while, you’d get a tubeful derived from an inferior batch of the stuff, and it would be orangeish.  But it was always fun.


Imagineering Vampire Blood "Safe" 1970's Monster Toy Fake Costume Vampire Blood | eBay: