Future publication


“The empires of the future will be the empires of the mind.”  — Winston Churchill

The Piker Press will feature my poems “school shooter” on April 25, and “When I Meet the Devil” on May 23.

Newington Blue Press has returned after a hiatus, and will release the third volume of Buk 100, its commemorative chapbook series honoring Charles Bukowski! It will include a new flash fiction story of mine, entitled “Bill and I.”  I’ll post details and ordering information when they become available.


2 thoughts on “Future publication”

    1. Thank you so much for saying so, Marcy, and thanks for reading “Dogs.” 🙂 Rest assured, work on the sequel has begun, with our heroes sneaking desperately through the mainland under cover of night. I will try hard to craft a story that you will enjoy.


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