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Here’s the news.

I am right now listening to Bauhaus while eating salami-and-mushroom pizza. Because you’re never too old to discover awesome new things.

Gonna hit a new walking route today too.

Not every new discovery is pleasing. I pulled up some deep-cut REO Speedwagon that I hadn’t heard. I was pretty non-plussed by the songs I found. Once you get past their greatest hits, some of their singles were kinda sorta bad — like elevator music, seriously.

Vicinity of Williamson Road around downtown Roanoke, VA

July 2021.

Roanoke used to be called “Big Lick,” of all things.


This second one I’m a little proud of — that’s the Mill Mountain Star that you see in the background at left.


Looking southwest.


I found Area 51!!!  And it was taken over by the Black Oil Alien from “The X-Files.”

2021-07-23 (1)



Great news! I’m honored to share here that Newington Blue Press will feature a flash fiction story of mine in the third and final volume of “Buk 100.”  The publisher is based in Germany, and produces the “Buk 100” commemorative chapbook series as an homage to German-American writer Charles Bukowski.  The first two volumes were beautifully crafted and filled with outstanding contributions from around the world.  Thanks once again to Matthias Krueger for including my work.

The story is entitled “Bill and I,” and is my stab at spinning a Bukowski-esque vignette.   I’ll share ordering details when they become available.


By GFreihalter – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,