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Throwback Thursday: “The Last Dinosaur” (1977)!

I remember being pretty excited as a tot about “The Last Dinosaur.”  I was probably too young to enjoy it when it debuted on ABC on February 11, 1977 — I’m betting it picked me up as a fan a few years later, when I would have been around the age of a first- or second-grader.  Here are a few quick, weird facts:

  1.   “The Last Dinosaur” was originally intended as a theatrical release.  It hit television after it failed to find a distributor (though it was later  successfully marketed to theaters overseas).
  2. As you can tell from the clips below, the special effects are strictly man-in-a-suit, with no stop-motion photography.  (Hey, if you’re feeling charitable, you could say the split-screen works pretty well.)
  3. This was co-produced by Rankin-Bass, the company better known for those well made classic Christmas specials.
  4. The character played by Richard Boone is named the unintentionally porntastic “Maston Thrust, Jr.,” because apparently the screenwriters decided they needed a heroic, masculine-sounding name, but only had a couple of seconds to think of one.  (Or maybe … they were unconsciously conflating the name for the prehistoric mastodon?)


What eye think.

Is it me, or does the logo for Vistar Eye Center bear an uncomfortable resemblance to the Sigil of The Crimson King from Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series?

It raises all sorts of questions for Vistar’s patients.

But you and I are on The Path of the Beam, folks.


Care to visit my gorgeous little Bible Belt city?  I’ve been making these videos since 2018.

They’re not professional-grade or anything — like those Youtube walking tours of Athens or Rome.  I have both a shaky hand and a shaky understanding of how to film things.  Hell, in a couple of these videos I inexplicably kinda forgot how to walk.  But you can still see how perfect my adopted home is.

I actually was a tour guide for a while when I was a college student.  I was actually really good at it; it was back during the time before I hated people.

Check out Wednesday Lee Friday’s “Creepy, Stabby, and Mentally Odd”

Wednesday Lee Friday’s first horror short story collection dropped today — it’s entitled Creepy, Stabby, and Mentally Odd, and it looks damned awesome.  It includes horror, dark fiction, dark erotica and even comics.

I just read the first story, “Raja,” and it was unnervingly great stuff.  This looks like a hell of a treat for fans of scary stories.

You can find it right here on Amazon.  I say go for it.

CSaO cover

Ice, Ice, Maybe.

I just tried to order a Slushie without ice, because I am so used to ordering my sodas that way, and also because I am a f***ing imbecile.

“Well … they’re MADE with ice,” the polite high schooler explained apologetically.

This reminds me of that time in my 20’s when I ordered from the Taco Bell drive-thru but drove right through with getting my order, because reasons.