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Give yourself credit.

Give yourself credit.

We still live in a historically perilous time for our Republic.  But a big chunk of said peril just departed The White House — The People’s House — this morning.

You did that.  You are, among other things, proof that resistances can win.

You were on the right side of history.  And you prevailed.

(I’ve done some soul-searching.)

Maybe there’s some truth to the accusations of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Because, if you think about it, the worst thing he’s done in four years is incite a large-scale terror attack against a full third of the United States government, not to mention his own Vice President and his family.

With Apologies to The Beatles

You say you want a revolution
Well, we all know
You just want to change the vote.
You tell me that it’s evolution?
Well, why follow
The dude dressed up as a goat?

But when you begin the violent destruction
Of the Capitol, you can count me out.
This country’s never gonna be
All white.
It’s never gonna be (all white)
It’s never gonna be (all white).

You say that Donnie’s the solution
Well, you know
He’s got really tiny hands.
You talk about the Constitution.
Well, we know
That you aren’t really fans.

Cuz if you riot for people with minds that hate
Biden’s still next president of the United States,
Which is never gonna be (all white).
Yeah, it’s never gonna be (all white).
Yeah, it’s never gonna be (all white).


A busload of bullshit.

Re: claims that Antifa “infiltrated” the Trump supporters and manipulated them into the attempted coup.  Someone asked me to put my two cents in about this tonight (always a dangerous request), so here goes.

It’s preposterous.  This appears to be a desperate conspiracy theory meant to mitigate the public relations catastrophe for the Trump administration following the Capitol insurrection.  There is soooo much footage of the perpetrators, and nothing to suggest that they are somehow a multitude of brilliant, Oscar-worthy actors who are nefariously impersonating Trump supporters.  (C’mon.)

Here’s a hint — anytime someone claims they witnessed a “busload” of actors or impersonators, there is a good bet it is colossal bullshit.  The whole actors-on-busses scenario is a common conspiracy theory. The last time it was in play, I was hearing it from pro-Trump apologists of the Charlottesville violence perpetrated at the Unite the Right rally in 2017.

I asked them for evidence repeatedly for it. The best I got was an undated picture of two parked busses without passengers — the person who sent it to me couldn’t even name the vehicles’ location. It could have been any two empty busses, anywhere in America.

That’s it. That was the only “evidence.”

I would be extraordinarily surprised if there was even an ounce of truth to this new claim.  Its appearance today simply underscores how desperate the Trump camp is to conduct damage control.

Here is the rundown from Snopes.com

Let’s be clear about what we saw at the Capitol yesterday.

What we saw yesterday was a lot worse than a “protest” or “riot” — two words I’m seeing a lot on social media. It was an attempted coup — a purposeful, targeted attack on the highest level of our democratic government.

The perpetrators where there at the president’s urging — specifically to prevent Joe Biden’s electoral win from being certified by Congress (however misguided such an interference strategy may be). It was an attack on the mechanisms of representative government. It was literally an attack on democracy.

A lot of us are also avoiding speculation about what would have happened if these Trump supporters had gained access to our democratically elected leaders themselves. That’s understandable and prudent, I think, at least for now — let’s focus on what happened rather than what could have happened.

Still, the noose they constructed within sight of the Capitol building should make their intentions clear. The worst case scenario could have been far, far worse than what we saw yesterday — in terms of both human lives and a viable democratic government.

It could have been an attack on our country that ISIS has only dreamed of.