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I am on a comic fan’s cloud nine right now.

Hey, guys — remember I told you how I just discovered that Dark Horse Comics quoted me in promoting its amazing 2019 “Grendel” series (right under Alan Moore, no less!)?

It turns out that some major entertainment news sites featured the entirety of the company’s promotional materials, so the quote was carried in tripwire magazineBroken Frontier and Pastrami Nation.

I’m still honored that I was even quoted at all, in connection with an iconic comic character that I’ve loved since I was a kid.  This is a fan’s dream!


This is an honor.

I discovered something incredibly cool this afternoon — it turns out that the good people over at Dark Horse Comics quoted me in their 2019 promotion of Matt Wagner’s superb Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey.  The eight-issue limited series marked the return of the iconic Grendel Prime, who I last followed as a zealous young fan in the pages Grendel Tales (1993-1997), Batman/Grendel II (1996) and Grendel: Past Prime (2000).

Dark Horse quoted a review I wrote of Wagner’s Grendel: Omnibus Volume 1 (2012), which was a compilation of the writer-artist’s brilliant early work on the title.

I’m thrilled.  Wagner’s a genius — and while Grendel’s dark, violent content is not for everyone, it’s always been a seminal title for the medium of comics.  I remember greedily snapping up back issues when I was a college student in 1992 — I never thought the day would arrive when a review of mine would be referenced to attract new fans.

Screenshot (326)

Screenshot (327)

The celebratory Big Mac.

So with a poem just published in Peeking Cat 40, that makes 10 anthologies where one of my poems or stories have appeared — plus two chapbooks on top of those.  (The first anthology would have been Dagda Publishing’s Threads eight years ago.)  When I received my copy of Peeking Cat 40 today, I promptly celebrated with MacDonald’s.  (We eat healthy at my house.)

The book is superb.  I’m thrilled to join so many talented writers from around the world in such an outstanding showcase of prose and poetry selected by Peeking Cat Literary over the past year.  Thanks once again to Editor Sam Rose!

Mary Washington College’s Dr. Cain passed away.

I learned this morning that Dr. David W. Cain of Mary Washington College passed away on July 31 at the age of 79.  Dr. Cain was my Christian theology professor at Mary Washington College when I was a freshman there in 1990.

Like so many other alumni, I remember him with great fondness.  He was a truly outstanding teacher and a thoughtful, considerate man who was passionate about his work.

You can find a tribute to Dr. Cain here via the Covenant Funeral Service.

Intersection of Williamson Road and Salem Avenue SE, Roanoke, VA

September 2021.

The second photo that you see is the Taubman Museum of Art.  The very last photo shows (from right to left), shows the H&C Coffee Company sign, the Dr. Pepper sign, and the Mill Mountain Star in the distance.








The Roanoke Times publishes my letter about the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

I was so pleased this morning to see that The Roanoke Times published my letter to the editor about the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.  You can find it right here.

I’m honored that my thoughts about the occasion appear to have struck a chord with people.  This same letter was featured  first on Wednesday by New York’s Newsday (with a weekday circulation of 437,000), and then here in Virginia by The Bristol Herald Courier (with a circulation of 39,000).  As The Roanoke Times has a Sunday circulation of 85,000, this would mean that the letter was distributed to 561,000 readers.

Here’s a big word of thanks to the editors of The Roanoke Times for allowing me to communicate with with my neighbors through such a superb regional newspaper.

The Bristol Herald Courier publishes my thoughts about September 11th.

More good news — The Bristol Herald Courier also published my letter today about the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks.  (This is the longer version of my commentary that originally appeared here at my blog.)

You can find the letter right here:  “Your View: Wounded, unified America we discovered after 9/11 seems long gone.”

Thanks so much to the editors at The Bristol Herald Courier for allowing me to share my thoughts through this leading regional newspaper in southwest Virginia.