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Down in the Dirt magazine includes “The Rough, Violet Stone” in its newest anthology.

I got some nice news a little while ago — Down in the Dirt magazine has included my poem “The Rough, Violet Stone” in its newest anthology, entitled The Final Frontier.  (The poem previously appeared in the magazine’s August 2022 issue on the first of the month.)

You can buy a copy of the new book on Amazon at the link below:

The Final Frontier

Or, you can read the entire anthology online right here.

As always, I am grateful to Editor Janet Kuypers for selecting my work for both this outstanding magazine and its subsequent poetry collections.


The Piker Press publishes “An Ode to a Would-Be Swimmin’ Skink”

The Piker Press today published my humorous nature poem, “An Ode to a Would-Be Swimmin’ Skink!”  For those of you who are uninitiated, a skink is a little lightning-quick iridescent lizard common in the Southern United States.)  And they even ran the photo I submitted with the poem!  (I snapped a shot of the little fella off Shenandoah Avenue here in Roanoke, VA.)

You can find the poem and the photo right here.  Thanks, as always, to Managing Editor Sand Pilarski for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful community of readers, writers and artists.

Happy Monday!  🙂

Throwback Thursday: these “nice threads!”

YES, we looked like this — and we looked ****ing AWESOME.  We need to bring this whole style BACK.

My only concern about this meme is that it originates from the 1980’s Memory Lane Facebook page, and I was dressing like this at Mary Washington College in the early 1990’s.  Was I just behind the times?  Maybe that was why people looked at me funny.

But I was big man on campus with these.  I had people literally congratulating me on my pants — and that has not happened once since the 1990’s.


Down in the Dirt magazine publishes “The Rough, Violet Stone”

The August 2022 issue of Down in the Dirt has arrived, and in it you can find my poem “The Rough, Violet Stone.”  (Thanks, as always, to Editor Janet Kuypers for selecting my work for this outstanding literary magazine.)  The magazine’s theme this month is “My Name Is Equality.”

You can purchase a copy of the issue at Amazon right here, or you can read it online here at the Scars Publications website.


It’s all politics?

So my last letter to the editor (about mandatory school prayer) was distributed to a readership of about 470,000 readers.

Not the biggest number ever (and there’s no telling how many consumers actually read the letter), but it’s still a nice number.

Writing about politics or current events will garner you a far greater audience than poetry.

Eric Robert Nolan listed with the Poets & Writers Directory

I received a really nice honor yesterday, friends  — I am now listed in the Poets & Writers Directory.  This is a registry of over 10,000 published authors, maintained by Poets & Writers — America’s largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers.  You can find it right here.

Poets & Writers was founded in 1970.  Its mission is “to foster the professional development of poets and writers, to promote communication throughout the literary community, and to help create an environment in which literature can be appreciated by the widest possible public.”

I am quite grateful to Assistant Web Editor Francisco Marquez and his colleagues in New York City for assisting me during the application process.

Care to vote for Publication of the Month at Spillwords?

Reminder — today is the last day to vote for the Spillwords Press Awards for June 2022.  You can vote for both Author of the Month and Publication of the Month right here.  (As I shared here on Sunday, a poem of mine entitled “Where Would We Go?” is a nominee in the latter category.  I remain grateful if you’ve supported this piece so far.)