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Throwback Thursday: these “nice threads!”

YES, we looked like this — and we looked ****ing AWESOME.  We need to bring this whole style BACK.

My only concern about this meme is that it originates from the 1980’s Memory Lane Facebook page, and I was dressing like this at Mary Washington College in the early 1990’s.  Was I just behind the times?  Maybe that was why people looked at me funny.

But I was big man on campus with these.  I had people literally congratulating me on my pants — and that has not happened once since the 1990’s.



You want to know how old I am?  I can remember when Blockbuster Video was The Next Big Thing.  It was a monolithic blue titan of a company that was gobbling up mom-and-pop video stores in whatever town it landed in.   Think of Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Son.”

Yes … I realize that the meme below is now a bit dated, as today Netflix is infamously suffering its own problems.  It’s still funny, though.