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Feeling clawstrophobic …

Remember that buddy of mine who tried otter a couple of weeks ago?  He’s cooking with chicken claws tonight.

I don’t mean that he was born with chicken claws and is preparing a dish; I mean chicken claws are on the menu — for … chicken bone broth, I think?  I’m pretty sure I have ADHD; sometimes I just smile and nod when this dude says things, and I’m not really following.

If I take off my glasses, they actually look like jumbo shrimp.  Which I can only imagine would be an unfortunate mistake for someone to make.


“The Dark Side of the Moon” was released 50 years ago today.

Yes, you read that right.  The brilliant album was released on March 1st, 1973.

You can observe the occasion by listening to the entire album right here at Pink Floyd’s Youtube channel.  (And that is something I fully expect you to do, by the way.)