No, this isn’t a terribly good picture.  And the lack of scale here prevents the viewer from appreciating this spider’s immense size.  (They’re huge in Southwest Virginia.)

But I still like the way that mark on its back makes it look like a fanged orange cyclops in this picture, don’t you?

My best guess is that this is some variation of an orb weaver spider, but don’t hold me to that.



Rainbow at Mill Mountain!!

This was the massive rainbow late yesterday afternoon in front of Mill Mountain. The video doesn’t do it justice. It was super-bright and it was gigantic.  It looked like it was hitting the ground just a few blocks away.

If you look carefully, you can see a second rainbow arc above it at right.

There was a pretty neat sunshower preceding it as well.


A hard rain’s gonna fall.

This is Peters Creek Road in Roanoke, VA, nearly becoming a creek itself last Monday.  Look at those sheets of rain pummel the asphalt.  Hey, everyone I spoke to was thrilled — the sudden storms brought a welcome drop in the temperature.

I swear that the storms here arrive and exit faster than their counterparts in New York. Maybe it has something to do with low-lying storm clouds funneling through the mountains?

Yeah, I like Hardee’s, what of it?