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Vicinity of Williamson Road around downtown Roanoke, VA

July 2021.

Roanoke used to be called “Big Lick,” of all things.


This second one I’m a little proud of — that’s the Mill Mountain Star that you see in the background at left.


Looking southwest.


I found Area 51!!!  And it was taken over by the Black Oil Alien from “The X-Files.”

2021-07-23 (1)



Care to visit my gorgeous little Bible Belt city?  I’ve been making these videos since 2018.

They’re not professional-grade or anything — like those Youtube walking tours of Athens or Rome.  I have both a shaky hand and a shaky understanding of how to film things.  Hell, in a couple of these videos I inexplicably kinda forgot how to walk.  But you can still see how perfect my adopted home is.

I actually was a tour guide for a while when I was a college student.  I was actually really good at it; it was back during the time before I hated people.