A hard rain’s gonna fall.

This is Peters Creek Road in Roanoke, VA, nearly becoming a creek itself last Monday.  Look at those sheets of rain pummel the asphalt.  Hey, everyone I spoke to was thrilled — the sudden storms brought a welcome drop in the temperature.

I swear that the storms here arrive and exit faster than their counterparts in New York. Maybe it has something to do with low-lying storm clouds funneling through the mountains?

Yeah, I like Hardee’s, what of it?


It’s so hot out that it looks like the new street tar is melting.

I’m serious. Look at the picture below. This is from a pothole that was fixed yesterday.

If it were any hotter out here, it would be King’s Landing.

Remember, guys. Replenish your electrolytes by drinking lots of Mercury Retrograde.



Another reason to love Roanoke — people laugh at my dinosaur jokes.

Or maybe they’re just being polite.

Which is probably more plausible.

Remember that guy I told you about who eats nine eggs at one sitting?  I started calling him The Oviraptor, and that totally caught on.  I’m a trend setter here.



Illustration of mink in John Burroughs’ “Squirrels and Other Fur-bearers,” 1909

Houghton Mifflin Company.  I believe Burroughs is the artist.

I swear I’ve got these guys in my neighborhood.  Tuesday marked the third sighting for me.  Either what I am seeing are mink or another species that resemble them.  They’re a bit bigger than this picture would suggest — bigger than weasels, anyway.




Nothing stops these Southerners on the Fourth of July.  We had intermittent thunderstorms roll through and around Roanoke early this evening.  But when faced with thunder and lightning, residents just kinda … shot back.

If you crested the right hill here, you could see fireworks displays at every corner of the compass — blasting back at the sporadic storms like a hubris-fueled war with heaven.  Seeing lightning streak across the sky with fireworks exploding in front of it is really, really damn cool.  (Regrettably, I did not get a shot of that.)