Roanoke, VA, July 2021

Elmwood Park.

Elmwood park

Sorry about the shaky cam. And my cellphone camera is obviously not high quality.

Fountain beside Hampton Inn & Suite (facing Church Avenue).


Looking north up Market Street.

Market Street

The Roanoke Times.


A Banksyesque painting in front of Wok-ology on the corner of Campbell Avenue and Jefferson Street.



Depiction of Visigoth Royal Guard, 1861

Lithographic plate from Album de la Caballería Española: from Primitive Times to the Present Day, by the Count of Clonard, published by the General Directorate of the Weapon.   The artist has the surname “Villegas.”

“The Goth monarchs had a cavalry royal guard that defended their person. The one who carried the banner was called Bandóphoro, and the Chiefs took the names of Dukes, Counts, Gardingos and Tiuphados. The latter commanded 1,000 horses, which were divided into two portions of 500 men, ruled by second Chiefs called Quingentarius.”


Views from Gainsboro Road Overpass, Roanoke, VA

One look at that bright air and you can tell how hot it is here in my little Bible Belt city.  Those townhouses remind me of Charleston, South Carolina’s “Rainbow Row.”  Or maybe an Edward Hopper painting — I may have said so before, but this entire city is indeed Hopperesque.

I think the final frame of that second video is really nice, with the American flag appearing before the sunset over the mountains.  I certainly didn’t plan it that way — that was just the spot where I happened to stop running to shoot video.




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