Buildings being demolished on Campbell Avenue, Roanoke, VA

June 2022.  I thought this was pretty wild — what you see is a row of buildings that have been almost entirely demolished, all facing Campbell Avenue.  (These include what used to be the Campbell Court Bus Station and the deli beside it.)  The facades at front remain intact for now, but they are otherwise gutted.






The Roanoke Times publishes my latest letter to the editor.

The Roanoke Times today published my letter to the editor about mandatory prayer in the public school classroom.  You can read it online right here.

The Roanoke Times is Virginia’s third-largest newspaper, with a Sunday circulation of nearly 230,000 people.  Thanks so much to its editorial staff for allowing me to share my opinion with my neighbors in Southwest Virginia.

My poem “Where Would We Go?” was nominated for a Spillwords Press Award.

I was notified last night that my poem “Where Would We Go?” was nominated for a Spillwords Press Publication of the Month Award for June.  I am just thrilled with the distinction; thanks so much to those of you who’ve supported this piece already.

“Where Would We Go?” was published for the first time at Spillwords Press on June 13  — you can find it right here.   I’d be flattered, of course, if you liked the poem enough to vote in its favor.  You’d need to register as a user first with the Spillwords Press website, but that’s quick and easy enough.  Here’s where to vote.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Norfolk Southern train seen from Norfolk Avenue SE

Roanoke, VA, June 2022.

Heading east.  Overhead is the Market Street Walkway.

As always, I apologize here for the shaky-cam. I was especially discombobulated after running to get the shot. It even exceeded my daily baseline of dysfunctional discombobulation.

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