Throwback Thursday: this 1985 panther poster!

I had this hanging in my room in the 1980’s; I got it from good ol’ Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, Long Island.  I took two of those little glow-in-the-dark star stickers that people put on their ceilings and affixed them so that the cat’s eyes glowed when the light was turned off.   And it looked damned cool.


sae - Copy

A long-distance meating.

So I hit the supermarket last night because I NEEDED fresh meat. (I’m part velociraptor. 23andMe says so. I even wrote it in on the census.)

Let me tell you something — Roanokers are 100 percent diligent in maintaining the recommended six feet of distance. And on top of that, they’re STILL polite and good-natured. My neighbors are smart, classy people.

And I’m doing my best to blend in … I think they’ve mistaken me for one of their own.




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