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Ghost Nolan sez hello.

The spooky season is here again.  As during every October, I am trying to get into the spirit of things.

I started with the quite decent vampire comedy, Netflix’ new “Day Shift” (not to be confused with the unrelated but fabulous 2014 vampire comic series, “Day Men.”)  It was a fun watch.  The humor and drama were frequently pretty clunky, but the vamps were scary and the fight choreography was so good it reminded me of the “Blade” trilogy.

I also caught episode 1 of AMC’s new Anne Rice adaptation, “Interview With The Vampire.”  It was stylish, detailed and thoughtful and it was brutal at the end — this looks like the start of a great horror series.

Next on the list, of course, will be the resumption of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

By the way … . this is what I look like when I haunt your house at night.