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Quick, Robin! To the Bat-Box!!

So I can return these Bat-Books to the Bat-Library!

I’m not real clear on why the drop box in front of the Roanoke Public Library has a bat symbol on it.  If I had to guess … it’s warning people about bats who might roost under its protruding slot at night?  That kinda makes sense.

Downtown Roanoke is no stranger to wildlife.  Just last night I saw a mid-sized raccoon scuttle up a tree right off Campbell Avenue — to the delight of a bunch of Labor Day weekend revelers returning from a bar.  They were filming its hasty ascent with their cellphones.  That raccoon got a lot of laughs.


Throwback Thursday: the trailer for “The Lost Boys” (1987)!

A good friend of mine disclosed publicly yesterday that he had never seen “The Lost Boys” (1987).  The poor, benighted soul.  And this is one of my Mary Washington College alums too!!  (Even his wife was taken aback at the glaring omission in his 80’s pop culture experience.)

Sherlock Nolan.

So tell me these aren’t the coolest themed birthday gifts ever.  An amazing lady gave me the complete Sherlock Holmes library in beautifully bound collector’s volumes, a can of Victorian London Fog tea, and a magnifying glass for investigations of my own (because I’m on to you people).

What you see up top is a wool herringbone flat cap of the kind Watson would wear.  (My benefactor here wisely deduced that Holmes’ deerstalker cap would look funny on me.)

Another pal of mine (and an MWC alum) made me homemade pizza yesterday too — complete with herbs from his own garden.  (No, not the extralegal kind — we’re talking basil and stuff.)  I truly am surrounded by the best people in life.