Publication Notice, Every Day Poets to feature “Delaware Sheets”

The online magazine Every Day Poets told me today that it will soon publish a short poem of mine, “Delaware Sheets.”

It’s not yet certain when the piece will appear, but it should be either April or May.  I’m thrilled to see my poem included with Every Day Poets, and I’m quite grateful to the magazine’s editorial board, which worked with me to vastly improve the original draft I submitted.
From Every Day Poets’ website: “Right from the beginning, Every Day Publishing has focused on bite-sized reading for a busy world.  In 2007, Jordan Ellinger, Camille Gooderham Campbell and Steven Smethurst launched Every Day Fiction, one of the first daily online flash fiction magazines, at a time when others were still publishing monthly or quarterly issues.  Other magazines followed: Every Day Poets in 2008, then Flash Fiction Chronicles in 2009.”
I’ll post a link to the poem when it appears.  Happy Easter!

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