Can anyone spare a Dolarhyde? Because I’m a little short.

First look at “Hannibal” Season 3!!!

I am depending on you people to watch this show, so that it remains on the air.  You guys already failed to come through for me on “The Following,” and now Ryan Hardy will no longer be able to save us from serial killers — which, in “The Following’s” universe, are about as common in the population as Justin Bieber fans (and even more terrifying).

I am sorry to gush so much like a fanboy for “Hannibal,” but if everyone else is going so bananas for “Star Wars,” I figure my ardor here is forgivable.  If it redeems me any, I was also a huge fan of the books.  So … y’know … literature and stuff.

Here are a few quick thoughts:

1)  The Season 3 preview looks great, but it IS rather heavy on spoilers regarding who survived the Baltimore massacre.  (Am I mistaken in thinking the second season finale meant to keep that a mystery?  ALL the advance press does this — including character posters.)

2)  I’m happy to see that Hannibal Lecter is NOT actually married to Bedelia (I won’t attempt to spell the remainder of her name), because that would contradict his character incredibly.

3)  It looks as though NBC shot on location in Europe.  Isn’t that really expensive for a TV show to do?

4)  I’m confused about whether the story takes place in Paris or Florence (as in Thomas Harris’ original novel).

5)  Seeing Will Graham speak in a British accent causes me cognitive dissonance.   I get the same thing whenever I see Andrew Lincoln or Hugh Laurie in interviews.  Because Rick Grimes should not sound like James Bond.

6)  It looks as though they are heavily (and wisely) referencing the novels again.  The line, “I’ve killed hardly anybody during our residence,” paraphrases Harris’ “Hannibal.”

7)  No Clarice Starling … and maybe not ever.  NBC does not own the rights to that character.

8)  Whether or not Bedelia condones or participates in Hannibal’s crimes is left ambiguous.  This is something that seems forced and implausible to me.  (Viewers should know if she’s dirty or not.)  This is despite the fact that Gillian Anderson  is a great actress with great delivery of ambiguous dialogue.  Yes, I do understand that both characters are supposed to be brilliant, and can trade cryptic comments and understand each other perfectly.  But would this happen all the time?  Wouldn’t Bedlia, just once, look over and say, “You know, I’m not on board with all this killing and stuff?”

9)  Shot for shot, the preview here is heavily reminiscent of Brett Ratner’s film, “Red Dragon” (2002).

10)  The “Red Dragon” storyline is indeed happening; we just won’t see it right away.  Actor Richard Armitage looks great.  They will return to Baltimore if Francis Dolarhyde is a baddie — this would also explain why we see actors portraying Baltimore residents in past seasons.

11)  No Inspector Pazzi, despite Florence being referenced.

12)  Mason Verger returns.  He looks different.  Because WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK.

13)  Some of my Mommy friends have young children who occasionally will lose a baby tooth.  I suggest that this is a great family-friendly program with which to introduce to them the story of “The Tooth Fairy.”


One thought on “Can anyone spare a Dolarhyde? Because I’m a little short.”

  1. Reblogged this on Readsalot and commented:
    Eric, I will add this show to my ‘to watch’ list. I did enjoy the original film back in, what, 91′?
    To this day, I cannot listen to ‘Goodbye Horses’ by Q Lazzarus, without conjuring up images of the Buffalo Bill dance: also the parody performed by Jay and Silent Bob in Clerks 2.


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