The 5-Day Poetry Challenge — A Loophole!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t risen to the 5-Day Poetry Challenge with the same ardor and wonderful work as my fellow scribes.  I’ve been a little swamped recently with life stuff …

Today I present to you … a possible loophole?  I actually did want to be a defense attorney once, during a phase in college … (And then I wanted to be an FBI agent, and then I wanted to be a lobbyist, and then I wanted to be Spiderman.)

So here’s my flair for manipulation, front and center: nominees are challenged to post five poems over the course of five days.

Nowhere, however, do the rules specify that these must be five CONSECUTIVE days.

I’m hoping that you folks will understand if I provide my fifth and final entry in the coming days.  I promise I will write an original piece and post it right here.

Are we still cool???

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