“Gotta go!!”

“Gotta go!!  This is a Disco world and I am STRICTLY Ballroom.”

—  Peter Parker, shortly after arrival in the “Marvel 2099” universe’s New York, in “Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man,” Marvel Comics, November 1995.  Written by Peter David and illustrated by Rick Leonardi and Al Williamson.





4 thoughts on ““Gotta go!!””

  1. Hey Eric. I know you are a comic book nerd and since this is a Marvel comic question(even though not Spider Man), I thought I would ask it here:
    I just sold a tee shirt at the swap meet that I had got for free but was too small for me. The shirt had a Marvel tag inside the collar and was imbued with what I thought was The Punisher Skull on the front. The coloring was different from my other Punisher tee shirt (that does fit).

    I was told by one of my nerd friends that might possibly be more of a comic book nerd than you (this is possibly a test of that theory), that it was, in fact, a Thunderballs shirt (or something similar to that).

    Could you please elaborate on this difference and include the Marvel characters that comprise this team. Again-I apologize if my low level nerd skills have slaughtered the actual name of this Marvel team.

    Thanks, Eric! 🙂

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