Poster for “Sneakers” (1992)

It’s funny how fallible memory is.  I love this flick, but could have sworn that this was a late-80’s movie that I saw in high school.

I have no doubt that cryptology will always be the world’s most important information technology issue.  (Unless the singularity gives us terminators, that is.)  But it’s funny how the screenwriters here couldn’t have anticipated how hyper-partisan websites, “fake news,” “bots,” “troll farms,” spies and social media could influence democracies.

By the way, I absolutely hate the childish appellation, “fake news,” which I am now seeing thrown out by people on the left as well.  The word we are all reaching for is “propaganda,” isn’t it?  I know I sound like a pedant here, but “fake news” sounds like something a  kindergartener would say — or maybe Orwellian “newspeak.”



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