I hope you enjoyed a very happy April Fool’s Easter!

My joint holiday got off to a middling start … only a few people seemed to be fooled by my faux news about “The Walking Dead” feature film.  I was disappointed because I worked hard on that one.  Director “April Farady?”  That clue was maybe a bit too obvious.  And the other films I cited (“A Display Floor,” “Apiary of Dolls”) were entitled with anagrams for “April Fool’s Day.”  (Although “Apiary of Dolls” actually does sound like it could be a kickass horror tale.)

My hot-air-balloons-over-Roanoke gag fared slightly better, but not much.

Then I struck GOLD with the old coyotes-in-the-backyard trick!  I had my housemates jumping up and hollering.

Last, but not least, was my family-of-squirrels-are-nesting-in-my-closet ruse.  That fooled more than a few people — even my best friend, who is actually a brilliant lady, despite being incongruously quite credulous.  The added wrinkle about accidentally giving them caffeinated espresso trail mix gave it a nice sense of urgency.

I hope you all had a fun day and a lovely Easter.




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