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A great old friend of mine and a terrific writer just started a blog. Check it out!

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August 23, 2021:

Today I launch my WordPress. It is going to be a collection of mostly memoirs and maybe some short story fiction and poetry if I can get myself into it.

I am currently in the process of kicking dope, again. What you will read here will mostly be a real time journal of this process along with whatever insight I can provide along the way from this experience and past experiences. So with that said, there’s going to be some dark content on this site. I’m starting this blog in hopes that it’ll serve as a sort of “therapy” for me, as well as provide a source of insight, understanding and/or empathy for people who are dealing with others who are in addiction, have lost someone to drugs, or are going through it themselves. Trigger warnings will be used as necessary. Enjoy the ride.

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