Martin Towers – Two Poems

The Galway Review

Martin Towers recently moved form Northern Ireland to Wales and now works there as a support worker. Moths are a big thing for him and the Angle Shades is his favourite.

Wasps Nest

An old man called Jimmy, nearly dead,
Gets up in a church hall and does a good dance.

A pigeon, dressed in grey, chases a crow
Who carries his mate’s egg.

A man walks into a village after fifty years.
Across a bridge.

Rain hangs in the sky like old curtains
Or ivy creepers reaching down.

The froth on the inside of a glass
Shows a man playing an accordion, with his legs wide apart.

You can take a man from the fields
But you cannot take the fields from the man.

In a place called Wasps Nest
A man remembers things.

A bird in a cage called redcap.
A girl in a shawl in cold weather

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