Arguably the worst “whatabout.”

“You’re upset about January 6th? WHAT ABOUT THE BLM RIOTS?!?!”

Translation: “If some Black person, somewhere in America, has committed a crime, then whatever crime I wish to commit should be considered equally acceptable.” (Brought to you by “the party of law and order.”)

This is arguably the worst “whatabout.” You sound like a kid demanding the exact same amount of ice cream as your brother. Except … you’re not a kid. You’re an adult. And we’re not talking about ice cream. We’re talking about political violence — something that imperils our common Republic and endangers the innocent everywhere on the political spectrum. The sane will ever condemn it, whether it originates from the right or the left.

You don’t sound like a citizen who wants the best for America. You sound like a psychopath with a blood-stained scorecard.

Fuck off.

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