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SyFy’s “12 Monkeys” isn’t too shabby.

There’s the occasional cliche, some flat acting, and too little tension at times, but SyFy’s serialization of the classic “12 Monkeys” film (1998) isn’t as bad as we all feared.  I watched the first two episodes via the network’s website, and it at least held my attention.  It’s a suitably dark show with at least one nice twist, and it’s got an obvious reverence for its source material.

As much as I love Aaron Stanford, the protagonists are outshined here by the scenery-chewing Emily Hampshire and the always incredible Tom Noonan.  (Does anyone else remember when he was a horrible, horrible vacuum cleaner salesman in “The X-Files?”)

With a plot so reliant on twists and details and surprises, I can only imagine how hard it might be to turn into a tv show.

I’m going to give this show a chance.

The first two eps can be found here: