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Memorial Day 2014

This Memorial Day, I do believe my friend Mark Knezevich, who is himself a United States Marine, said it best with the following words and photo.

“If you ever need help remembering what the Memorial Day weekend is about, this photo from 2007 will always do the trick. Christian Golczynski is the boy pictured here. He was eight years old when his father, Marine Staff Sgt. Marc Golczynski was shot and killed by enemy fire in the al-Aanbar province of Iraq. Marc was on his second tour in Iraq — one he volunteered for — and was scheduled to return home just a couple weeks from the day he was killed. When the photo was taken, Christian stepped up to receive his father’s flag. He’s fifteen years old now and you can bet he will never forget. Enjoy the weekend but please pause every now and then to also remember the countless heroes like Christian’s dad, Marc, who paid the ultimate price for our Country.”

Thanks, Mark.  And thanks also to you and your colleagues for your bravery and service.