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Pete’s Perspective: “Fuck all the bullshit!”

Here is a guest post from Blog Correspondent Pete Harrison.  As you might recall, Pete is a veteran of Afghanistan, where he served as an intelligence specialist for the United States Air Force 55th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron.  I believe he knows a thing or two about fighting terrorism.  Based on his message below, I think he also knows a thing or two about common sense.

Pete’s Perspective:

I want to make something clear. I would like to see everyone affiliated with the cowardly terrorist organization ISIS wiped off the face of the Earth. Every last one.

They have proven that they value no human life at all. Not even their own.

They are like bad dogs who will do nothing but attack and maim and kill any and all other dogs.

So they need to be put down. Everywhere they are.

Now to my POINT. If they all CLAIM to be a certain religion, that doesn’t matter to me at all.

They need killing BAD.

If they were all Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Mormon, Protestant, Lutheran, I don’t care what faith they CLAIM to be, I don’t care if they’re all atheists or if they worship canned sardines.

They’re just animals who need to be put down.

So to everyone out there starting up the bullshit argument that saying you want to see all these scum dead equals saying you want to see all Muslims dead, please, give me a break.

Not the same thing at all.

So don’t try to muddy the issue.




“Here’s how you can help victims of the Paris terror attacks.”

There’s a terrific set of links and resources over at Mashable.com, and it’s updated continuously:


For a little perspective, we Americans should remember the support and friendship the French people showed us after September 11, 2001.

L’Amérique se tient avec la France.

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A combats partisans français aux côtés de soldats alliés de reprendre les villes de France, vers 1944.

Pour les gens de France:

Comme un garçon en Amérique, je entendu des histoires de mon père à propos de la bravoure de la résistance française.  Je me souviens clairement; mon père a lu beaucoup de livres sur la Guerre Mondiale Deux.

Vos amis aux États-Unis savent ce soir que vous allez convoquer à nouveau la même bravoure.