My “who lives?” predictions for Hannibal Season 3. (MAJOR Season 2 spoilers.)

I am a notoriously poor prognosticator.  “24” proved that.  But I am also very persistent, and I’ve had too much coffee tonight to get to sleep before midnight.  So here are my predictions for who will survive the Season 2 finale of NBC’s “Hannibal,” after the jump:







Will Graham: alive.  The screenwriters have invested far too much time meticulously constructing this character.  Plus, the darker Will Graham is still new, and there’s a lot of story potential there.  I think I remember interviews with Bryan Fuller saying that Season 3 will follow the chase after Hannibal through Europe, so the plot calls for an FBI investigator (working with Interpol, I guess?).

Jack Crawford: alive.  Laurence Fishburne is too great an actor for NBC to let him go purely for the shock value of his character’s death.  Seeing him bereaved by Bella has story potential.  Also, see the suggested “chase season” mentioned above.

Alana Bloom: dead.  I love the character and the actress, but she’s superfluous now that the love triangle is over among her, Lecter and Graham.  Also, her death will devastate Graham, which is something the writers seem to love.

Abigail Hobbes: dead, for real this time.  Her story arc is over, and seeing her survive would undermine the tragedy of the season 2 finale.

Bella Crawford: dead.  The show is likely to take place largely outside Baltimore, and I think the writers have milked this subplot long enough.

Dr. Bedelia Whatersername: I hope she’s dead.  I love Gillian Anderson, but this character is so vague and inscrutable that she really just confuses the plot more than anything else.  Also, I’m pretty sure we’d all rather see Hannibal as a lone wolf.

Also: this show loves unholy alliances.  Therefore, I predict an uncomfortable team-up between Mason Verger and the good guys.


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