I have lousy reading retention.

[This post contains major spoilers after the jump for all of the Thomas Harris books and films, as well as NBC’s “Hannibal.”]


















After Hannibal Lecter’s bloody victory over … hell, EVERYONE at the end of the tv’s show’s second season, I keep telling people that I can’t wait for Clarice Starling to show up and kick his ass.  (It is rumored that she will eventually appear, probably in seasons 4 or 5.)

Except … Starling never vanquished Lecter.  She enlisted his help in “The Silence of the Lambs” to catch Jame Gumb, then actually rescued him from Mason Verger in “Hannibal.”

And let’s not even talk about what actually transpired in the closing pages of Harris’ novel, “Hannibal.”  I was as happy as the other fans when they changed that for 2000 film adaptation.  In fact, those pages in my copy of the book are torn out.


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