Seen yesterday in Virginia:

1)  Potomac Mills Mall.  Who says Southerners can’t form crowds?

2)  Rush hour traffic on I-95.  DEAR LORD!!!  It’s like Virginia’s answer to the Long Island Expressway!!

3)  Guapo’s!!  They don’t have them in New York!!!  The last time I went to Guapo’s was when I was in my 20’s and was hanging out with Sanjeev Malhotra!!

4)  Nice people.  I will never get over how polite and accommodating the average citizen is here.  I am not this nice — do they see me as an ape by comparison?

5)  A “Smoke Court.”  What is that — a court where smokers are tried?  Or … is it a fancy outdoor area where people can smoke?  Is there also a “Drink Pavilion” or “Toke Arcade?”

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