This poem is NOT about Baltimore.

Or the events that preceded the demonstrations.  Seriously, it isn’t — I helped with this many years ago; it was meant to lampoon the bread-and-circuses fare of the FOX Network’s “COPS” reality show.  It was never published and only inhabits a couple of poetry websites.

It is the only poem I ever collaborated on — my co-authors here were Nick Mirren and Asia Carpenter.  It started out as a joke, but turned dark early on.  The shoehorned classical references are mine.  Because that’s one particular well to which a pseudo-intellectual can’t help but return.

“COPS — the Television Show” (A collaborative poem among Nick Mirren, Asia Carpenter and Eric Robert Nolan):

All those felonious freaks
Running around shirtless,
Weaving through drug induced hazes
“Forgotten’ items, identities.
A siren sounds, though not Homer’s
It is man’s, it is The Man’s –
Pursuit and not seduction, the sound
Of uniforms and their quarry.

(c) Eric Robert Nolan 2015

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