Don’t goat there.

So I received an e-mail yesterday from my Mom in New York — she said she and my sister were on their way to a “goat farm and shoppe.”

Uh … okay.

Precisely what should such a proprietor offer that would interest my family?  What does the “shoppe” sell?  Goat-themed products?  Like t-shirts and mugs?  The goats themselves?  Does the archaic spelling of “shoppe” suggest that these are medieval goats?

I mentioned this on Facebook, and a whole bunch of Virginia friends “liked” the status.  Apparently goat farming and shopping are things with which they can identify?

PLEASE do not suggest that my mother may have brought home a baby goat.


Photo credit:  “Chevreau”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 fr via Wikimedia Commons –

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