Check out “Photos by JD,” featuring the work of Longwood High School Alumnus James Dentel!

If you’re looking for an outstanding fashion, glamour or events photographer in the New York area, then peruse the work of my Longwood High School Alumnus, James Dentel.  James has a terrific eye, and his work is absolutely beautiful.

You can see from that from the shots below.  They were taken at the recent “Three Nights of Horror” Halloween weekend event at the Lava Nightclub and Exit 33 in Verona, NY.

You can find more samples of James’ work at the “Photos by JD” Facebook page, and at his website:

Nice work, James.



12065962_1012601032123461_3705278538242420411_n     12193745_1012600455456852_4107779440711871267_n

12189547_1012600985456799_6420951467269374041_n     12189988_1012600605456837_9076918004845342398_n




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