Check out “File 770.”

I discovered something rather nice today — one of my recent “Throwback Thursday” blog posts got a nice mention over at “File 770,” Mike Glyer’s Hugo Award-winning science fiction fan newzine.

The post excerpted was about the offbeat late-1970’s “Planet of the Apes” merchandise I remembered from my early childhood.  It was referenced on January 26th in Mr. Glyer’s regular “Pixel Scroll” feature, which highlights news, opinions and links from science fiction fandom around the web:

I’m flattered to be mentioned there, as the prestigious File 770 received the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine no fewer than six times, most recently in 2008.  (Mr. Glyer is a three-time Hugo recipient for Best Fan Writer.)

The site is a hell of a lot of fun too — particularly for longtime genre fans who want to take a look at what other fans are reading and viewing.  Check it out today; you won’t be disappointed.

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