Submit your creative work to “The Bees Are Dead!”

Hey, gang — my colleagues and I over at The Bees Are Dead are just thrilled with the submissions we’ve been receiving after the launch of our transatlantic webzine!  As you might know from my blog right here, we’ve been honored to launch the site with a powerful poem by Scott Thomas Outlar.  And Eddie Skelson’s “Fort Hope” was a wickedly clever post-apocalyptic zombie story.

Again, we’re interested in your very darkest visions of worlds gone bad — the editorial focus of The Bees Are Dead is dystopian and post-apocalyptic prose, poetry, art, photography and reviews.  Our submission guidelines are actually fairly flexible; click here and take a look:

Submissions – The Bees Are Dead

If you have submitted already, thanks!  If you are working on a submission, then keep at it!  And if you enjoy stories or verses about fearsome futures or world-ending catastrophes, then bookmark us and remember to visit!  We hope to keep you entertained!


Escaping the dome (13799295904).jpg

Photo credit: By yumikrum – escaping the dome, CC BY 2.0,


4 thoughts on “Submit your creative work to “The Bees Are Dead!””

    1. I indeed saw your submission listed in the B.A.D. inbox, John — thank you! You had submitted it to us on Monday, correct? Our team has no yet read your submission, but we certainly look forward to it. We will respond as soon as we can! 🙂

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