Warrenton, Virginia, Labor Day Weekend 2016 (3)




All The Pretty Horses!  (That’s a James Patterson reference, by the way.)

This pretty girl took a shine to me instantly.  (I was surprised, as I thought horses were generally shy around strangers.)  I wanted so badly to pet her, but I elected not to cross onto this person’s property in order to do so.  I am told Southern people take certain things very seriously — and two of them are property lines and Second Amendment rights.





This eastern rat snake (or northern black racer?) elected to join our party, or he at least ventured near it, where he was expertly plucked up by one of our group.  (You’ve got to lift them from just behind the head, so that they cannot bite you.)

Forget that narrow-fellow-in-the-grass bull@#$% you heard; this mamajama was KAIJU.





Watching “Captain America: Winter Soldier” on the big screen on the side of a barn!  And then “Civil War!”









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