A tiny review of “Dr. Strange” (2016)

So Dr. Strange was pretty good — I’d give it a B+ for being a competent superhero origin movie that mostly handles its fantasy story devices quite well.  The script smartly translates the story’s magical elements for the average viewer by having them articulated in language that sounds rational, and the rules seem consistent throughout.

It still strays occasionally into cartoonishness.  (The astral projection sequences seem silly enough for 1995’s “Caspar the Friendly Ghost.”)

The  film has three terrific leads in Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen.  (The first two are allowed to shine; the third seems underused.)

The special effects are dazzling — I remember thinking inwardly throughout the film that an alternate title could be “Better Inception,” at least as far as its visuals are concerned.

All in all, it’s a by-the-numbers superhero origin story that’s still fun — and the special effects alone make it worth seeing.



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