And so should you.

Here are three things you can do to show that support.

  1. You can state that you oppose the president’s repeated statements that those news agencies he determines are “fake news” are not “the enemy of the American people.”
  2. You can condemn threats of violence against news reporters.
  3. And you can state your support for unfettered access to White House press briefings for all credentialed reporters, whether they are considered to be right-leaning (like Fox) or left-leaning (like CNN).

And you can share your stance with other Americans.  In the Information Age (or Disinformation Age, depending on how you view it), your voice will reach farther than ever.



2 thoughts on “I SUPPORT A FREE PRESS.”

  1. Allow me to admit that I do not keep up with politics, nor can I say whether one President has done better than another. (I realize this statement will cause a lot of people to disregard anything I say.)
    I will also state that, before his TV show “The Apprentice,” I had never heard of Trump, nor did I actually watch any the episodes. I did see a lot of the ads for it, though, and remember the main focus seemed to be him “firing” those who did not agree with him. To me, it seemed he only wanted those around who would “lick his boots” or kiss his paumpous @$$.
    I think that view is supported by recent happenings.

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