“The Walking Dead” scene I’m waiting for, but haven’t gotten yet.

  1.  Take two characters fluent in martial arts (Morgan, Michonne, Jesus, or whatever martial arts bad guys they come up with).
  2. Have them fight one-on-one with melee weapons on a hilltop (not THE Hilltop, just an open, elevated position somewhere).
  3. Have zombies advance up the hill to attack both of them from all sides, so that they not only have to fight each other, but also multiple zombies from various angles.

It shouldn’t take a screenwriting genius to realize that the fans want this, right?

Or am I the only 80’s kid who grew up loving both ninja movies and George A. Romero’s films?

Anyway … I am loathe to criticize the show these days.  It has gotten SO much better — SO much better.  Season 9 is like a different show altogether.


Image result for morgan walking dead


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