Throwback Thursday: 80’s Toys!!

I happened across this video last night from Youtube user RAVN52AOL, and just had to share it.  It’s six minutes long, and it’ll really take you back when your old favorite toy comes up in the montage.  I think it’s the Duran Duran song that really ties the whole thing together.  [UPDATE: I have just been indignantly informed by another 80’s kid that the song is by Simple Minds — not Duran Duran!!  Apologies!!]

Tonka Trucks — I haven’t heard those mentioned in a long time (although, admittedly, they were around for a looooong time before the 1980’s).  My best friend next door had a fleet of the big metal things; they were always scattered around the bulky square sandbox that his Dad built for him in his backyard.  That kid loved his Tonka trucks.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: 80’s Toys!!”

  1. I remember so many of those. Not that I had a lot of them; I was in my late teens/early 20s in the 80s. But I do remember the commercials. Of course, I had some of the ones from the 70s, though.
    On a personal note, I always wanted to get one of the Cabbage Patch dolls, nail it to a board and call it “Baby on a Board.” Am I evil for that?

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