Throwback Thursday: “Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine,” by Raymond Abrashkin and Jay Williams

Hot damn, did I love this book when I was in grade school.  I’d be surprised if any of my friends remember it, because it was published in 1958 … I’m not sure how it wound up in my hands in the early 1980’s.  The eponymous “homework machine” depicted in the book was a 50’s-era computer owned by Professor Bullfinch, who was Danny’s mentor or father figure or … something.

This was actually the third in a series of “Danny Dunn” books published between 1956 and 1977.   I read one other — “Danny Dunn and the Fossil Cave,” which I also liked a lot.

The authors were Raymond Abrashkin and Jay Williams, and they were quite good at their craft.  Danny, along with his friends Joe and Irene, were pretty relatable characters to a kid in the second grade.



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