Yes, I am indeed an extra in “Avengers: Endgame” (2019).

And I’m damned excited about it too — maybe a little too excited, as the role is so small that you’ll miss it if you blink.  It’s a walk-on part during the scene in which Tom Hiddleston is talking to Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans on South Preston Avenue in Charlottesville.  (I walk past them in the background when Loki is touching Thor’s shoulder.)

I actually don’t know anything about the scene being filmed outside the three principal actors above — and I didn’t even know that until the day of filming.  (That didn’t stop the studio from making us all sign so many non-disclosure agreements that it took up a full twenty minutes on a very hot day in August.)  But I know it was a busy street full of pedestrians (many of whom were extras like I was), and that they were also shooting along Crispell Drive beside the University of Virginia.

I didn’t get to meet the actors … none of us did.  But I’ll definitely be in the movie; I’m excited about that.  Anyway, I’m wearing blue cyclist shorts, a blue top, and a bike helmet.  Don’t kid me, please, about the tight fit.  I’m nervous enough about appearing onscreen.

[Update:] Also … I have a love scene with Scarlett Johansson.

[Update:] Scarlet Johansson and Sebastian Stan. We joked around during the filming and called it a menage-a-Barnes.

[Update:] And Rocket Raccoon is real and still writes me letters.

[Update:] And this was a prank. Happy April Fool’s Day!!!




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