“Jerry started to shell the beach at about 9 AM.  Suddenly, all hell let loose.”

Jerry started to shell the beach at about 9 AM.  Suddenly, all hell let loose.

The beach was under fire from shells, mortars and machine guns, we dived for cover. The sea was covered in blood and vomit and flies began to arrive by the thousands, which created another nightmare…

We continued all night and the following day without a break. Slowly, slowly we overcame all the nightmares …

There was no lack of humor.  A soldier coming ashore asked, “Is this a private beach? I was promised a private beach.   If not I am not staying.”

And we heard, “My mother told me not to travel by air, she thought it was much safer by sea.”

An army officer came ashore and instead of getting his men off the beach quickly, he stopped to consult his map. I approached him, “Sir, off this beach, now!” ‘

“And who are you?” he asked.  “Sorry, no time for introductions.”

— David Teacher, No. 71 Royal Air Force Beach Unit, No. 2 RAF Beach Squadron and No. 2742 Squadron, RAF Regiment.

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion.



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