Roly-Poly Millipede!

The return of summer means the return of these squiggly suckers.  (Yeah, I know I called them centipedes the last time I snapped a pic, but my high school friend who is now science teacher corrected me on that.)  Turns out they curl up into little orange leggy balls when they feel threatened.  I meant to get video of this guy unfurling, but my camera started running too late.

I showed this clip to the little boy next door, with whom I usually have a really nice rapport, and asked, “Isn’t that cool?!

He responded flatly, “No.”

Well, I thought it was cool.

On another wildlife note, I swear I’ve got a muskrat or a mink or something right around my house.  (Or maybe a weasel?)  I’ve seen him several times from my window, crossing the road in precisely the same place.  People keep telling me that I’m only seeing another groundhog, but this guy is svelte and lengthy, not round and goofy.  He’s a graceful animal.  I’d love to see him up close.

But I still haven’t seen a bear, people, and I been in the Roanoke area for two and a half years now.  I was led to believe there would be bears.



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