Scared Soapless!

Guys, if you are looking for a cool, fun, horror-themed gift, then do check out Scared Soapless.

I ordered some novelty soaps as a funny housewarming present for a friend of mine and her two kids, and they were a real hit.  The kids were thrilled with the “Brainy” soaps and the “Wyvern the Wash” dragon heads, and she loved her “Midnight, the Stars and Shea” soaps.

Scared Soapless offers a ton of fun ideas for creative, offbeat gifts that are also inexpensive. And the craftsmanship behind some of these items is truly impressive. (I have my eye on “The Master” and the “Grimm” soaps for the next time I order.)

And the secret ingredient is … genuine horror.  The company belongs to my friend Wednesday Lee Friday, who writes some pretty terrifying horror novels.  You can’t get much more authentic than that.






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