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I’m taking up Crossfit.

And by that I mean I’m gonna cross the kitchen to fit more pizza onto that microwave dish.

(I told this joke on Facebook and people really seemed to enjoy it.)

My friend Wednesday Lee Friday commented, “Well, you’re already telling everyone about it. That’s a good start.”

Check out Wednesday Lee Friday’s “Creepy, Stabby, and Mentally Odd”

Wednesday Lee Friday’s first horror short story collection dropped today — it’s entitled Creepy, Stabby, and Mentally Odd, and it looks damned awesome.  It includes horror, dark fiction, dark erotica and even comics.

I just read the first story, “Raja,” and it was unnervingly great stuff.  This looks like a hell of a treat for fans of scary stories.

You can find it right here on Amazon.  I say go for it.

CSaO cover

Scared Soapless!

Guys, if you are looking for a cool, fun, horror-themed gift, then do check out Scared Soapless.

I ordered some novelty soaps as a funny housewarming present for a friend of mine and her two kids, and they were a real hit.  The kids were thrilled with the “Brainy” soaps and the “Wyvern the Wash” dragon heads, and she loved her “Midnight, the Stars and Shea” soaps.

Scared Soapless offers a ton of fun ideas for creative, offbeat gifts that are also inexpensive. And the craftsmanship behind some of these items is truly impressive. (I have my eye on “The Master” and the “Grimm” soaps for the next time I order.)

And the secret ingredient is … genuine horror.  The company belongs to my friend Wednesday Lee Friday, who writes some pretty terrifying horror novels.  You can’t get much more authentic than that.






It’s a bird! It’s a plane!! It’s SUPERMOON!! (And an eclipsed moon! And a “blood moon!”)

No wonder medieval people freaked out at lunar eclipses.  I suppose if you had no scientific knowledge to interpret such an event, and it occurred unexpectedly, it would be a little unsettling.

Frankly, I’m glad I could even see the supermoon eclipse, as I am notoriously poor at spotting all things heavenly.  Also, some of my Virginia friends were unable to see it, while others could.  There was a lot of cloud cover to pass over my little stretch of the Commonwealth’s rolling dark Autumn hills, but high winds let that darkening lunar eye peek cravenly and intermittently past it, down at me.  The “blood moon” effect was achieved, unless I’m seeing things — that red “haze” was visible at the eclipse’s height.

The photo you see below is not my own; I abruptly accosted a stranger on the Facebook wall of horror writer and editor Wednesday Lee Friday.  (Thank you for the shot, Kleopatra Daravingas!)  🙂

[UPDATE:  Dammit …. you know what would have been a more clever headline, even if only Stephen King fans would have gotten it?  “M-O-O-N — that spells ‘moon.'”]


Lions and Tigers and BEAR! Oh my!!

Horror fans are the nicest people in the world.  I mentioned the other day how much I enjoyed composer Bear McCreary’s work on “Battlestar Galactica” — Wednesday Lee Friday told me she’d interviewed him a while back for Zombie Zone News.  (McCreary is also the composer for “The Walking Dead.”)

When I asked her if I could read it, she was cool enough to retrieve the interview from offline limbo after a website error, and reran it here, along with her other regular interviews for ZZN:


It’s a great interview, and he sounds like a fun and articulate subject.  Check out the story behind “Gaeta’s Lament.”  It’s one of my favorites from the BSG soundtrack, and it set the tone perfectly for both the episode in which it was featured and the mutiny storyline episodes that followed.

Damn, I wish “Caprica” hadn’t been cancelled.

What’s in a name?

I have been enlisted by my friend Maryanne to find a cool and original name for her new puppy — something with Gaelic, Latin or folklore origins.

I blanked out, but my writer friends came through with flying colors.

Finder-Of-Good-Things Wednesday Lee Friday passed along to me this website, which she said was indispensable for writers.  And, MAN is it cool!  Check it out:


Thanks, Wednesday!