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Lions and Tigers and BEAR! Oh my!!

Horror fans are the nicest people in the world.  I mentioned the other day how much I enjoyed composer Bear McCreary’s work on “Battlestar Galactica” — Wednesday Lee Friday told me she’d interviewed him a while back for Zombie Zone News.  (McCreary is also the composer for “The Walking Dead.”)

When I asked her if I could read it, she was cool enough to retrieve the interview from offline limbo after a website error, and reran it here, along with her other regular interviews for ZZN:


It’s a great interview, and he sounds like a fun and articulate subject.  Check out the story behind “Gaeta’s Lament.”  It’s one of my favorites from the BSG soundtrack, and it set the tone perfectly for both the episode in which it was featured and the mutiny storyline episodes that followed.

Damn, I wish “Caprica” hadn’t been cancelled.